Ruffdog Elliott- Letters In The Rain CD

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Ruffdog Elliott- Letters In The Rain CD

Ruffdog Elliott- Letters In The Rain CD


Ruffdog Elliotts debut album is yours to purchase here!

Featuring his powerful, feel good first single ‘Lions Pride’ and his emotional, soul bearing second single, ‘Flowers On The Door’, this album is full of fantastic lyrics and catchy tunes that engulf you and take you on a journey like no other.

Legendary drummer Pete Thompson (Silverhead, Robin Trower, Robert Plant) adds his contagious beats on ‘Midnight City Walker’ and ‘Autumn Day’ whilst the Boogie Woogie great that is Ben Waters gets his groove on on ‘Truth For All’. Throughout the tracks, Nick Capaldi adds his backing vocals and instrumentation, complimenting Ruffdogs’ awesome style so if you’re wanting to add a raw, honest, rocking vibe to your collection, look no further.

Mastered by talented Gwyn Mathias with 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Roy Castle Lung Foundation.


Track Listing:

  1. Lions Pride
  2. Easy Dreamer
  3. Light the Fire
  4. Country Rider
  5. Rat Rock n Rolla
  6. Flowers On The Door
  7. Midnight City Walker
  8. Rise Up
  9. The Reason
  10. Truth For All (TV By Gaslight)
  11. Autumn Day