Ruffdog Elliott

A black and white photo of a side profile of a man. He has a beard and is wearing sunglasses. He has a hat on with several pin badges and is wearing chunky jewellery around is neck

Ruffdog (Shep) Elliott is a Singer Songwriter based in Bournemouth. He was born in the Midlands in 1965 before moving to Cornwall in ‘79 where he met many musicians and played in local pubs and often busked to get by.

Nick Capaldi

Photo of man in front of light blue shed. Man has black hair with red stripe and is wearing a black and white striped top. He has a red zip up jacket over the top and pale blue jeans.

Nick Capaldi – a UK singer/songwriter whose debut single ‘In My Shoes’ hit No.1 on the Amazon Hot New Release list within a week of release and remained in the Top 20 Best Selling New Releases for five weeks.